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GruwitZ Campus Manager Program : CHAMPION

GruwitZ Campus Manager is an Internship Program aimed at identifying CHAMPIONS, who are passionate about solving real world problems with entrepreneurial mindset and have the zeal to take initiative and make a mark. A Champion will be the voice, face and evangelist of GruwitZ at their campus. You will be the champion of our vision for hosting great contests and building the largest network of problem solvers all around the globe

A Champion is a leader with a keen interest in starting and building a community of energetic, passionate, brilliant and like minded people to run an active contest club in their college for bridging the gap between industry and academia. This program facilitates and nurtures future leaders of the country and contributes to their career growth.

Why GruwitZ Campus Manager Internship Program?


Roles and Responsibilities

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Gruwitz Campus Manager Program about?
    Gruwitz Campus Manager Program is a campus connect program that aims to activate a network of like minded students across India. It’s a six-month long program starting on 15 Feb, 2020. After successful completion of the program, the select Managers will be rewarded with an opportunity to collaborate with Gruwitz.
  2. Who can apply?
    Anyone who meets the below criteria:
    • Minimum 18 years of age
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
    • Graduate and post graduate students, currently pursuing their degree in India and abroad.
  3. How do I apply? What happens after I apply?
    You can apply directly through our website using the apply button on this page. Once you have applied, you will hear from us if you are selected.
  4. Can students from any university apply?
    Yes, students from all universities in India as well as abroad are welcome to apply.
  5. How long is the Campus Manager Program? What is the time commitment?
    The current phase of the program is for a duration of 6 months. Managers are expected to commit a minimum of 100 hours throughout the course of the program.
  6.  What are the responsibilities of a Campus Manager ?
    As a Student Ambassador for Gruwitz, you are required to do the following:

    • Introduce new and experienced solvers to Gruwitz Platform.
    • Connect us to the technical club/society, faculties and placement cells of your college.
    • Plug in Gruwitz as an associate in any technical fest that your college conducts.
    • Conduct internship/pre-placement challenges on your campus.
    • Conducting Hackathons on Gruwitz.
    • Follow marketing schedule provided to distribute promotional information to  students, Staff and faculty on your campus.
    • Ideate on and execute innovative campaign plans.
    • Strategize and drive Word of Mouth in campus events and activities.

  7. Will Gruwitz support the managers in campaigns and activities they execute?
    Yes, Gruwitz will provide adequate resources and guidance for successful execution of planned marketing activities.
  8. Are there any incentives for being a Campus Manager ?
    Yes,this is your opportunity to develop strategic, communication, leadership skills and get rewarded for it. Apart from learnings that will benefit your career, you will also get incentives like Work Experience Certificate of Campus Manager at Gruwitz, Recommendation Letter, Goodies & Earn attractive
    cash prize based on performance 
  9.  Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding the Campus Manager Program ?
    You can contact us at [email protected]Please mention your query in the subject while shooting a mail.

If you feel you have the qualities to be a Champion, we invite you to join the clan and be a part of the community. We assure you a great learning experience, awesome perks and take home rewards, a super confident you, a shining resume with recommendations & certificate and a place in the Gruwitz family.


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